• Palette Trends of the 21st Century

    Palette Trends of the 21st Century

    Colour is crucial in graphic design. As many will already know, Pantone chooses a colour of the year it feels says something about the time. Pantone’s choices effectively represent a calendar of annual colours and give us a unique insight into colour trends throughout the years. By considering Pantone’s Colours of the Year from 2000 to 2012 we can perhaps come to a better understanding as to how the world influences colour trends and vice versa.

    2000: CERULEAN BLUE: PANTONE 15-4020


    How do you choose a colour for the new millennium? Pantone did exactly that for 2000, picking Cerulean Blue. Matching the colour of a clear calm sky, Cerulean Blue suggested serenity and inner spiritual peace during a major turning point in human history. As apocalyptic concerns evaporated with the passing of time, the tranquil Cerulean Blue proved to be tonal perfection.

    2001: FUCSHIA ROSE: PANTONE 17-2031


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  • The Latest Trends in Web Design

    The Latest Trends in Web Design

    The Latest Trends in Web Design

    Posted by: Corina Ciripitca, In: Design, On: November 23, 2011 | 15 Comments

    Web design has gone from a simple page presentation of certain information on the Internet to fancy design, with intricate details and complicated applications; hence it is an industry walking hand in hand with the increasing needs of the fast developing technology and trends.

    Trends come and go, some of the old trends are hidden in a box, while other old trends come back to life and in some cases some totally new revolutionary trends appear that beat up all the rest. This is why web designers all over the world have to keep up with the latest trends in web design, because the client would always ask for this.

    For example, you cannot ignore social network buttons. These popped up not so long ago as a trend, because social networks are very popular on the net nowadays and ignoring them would mean that you are practically not part of the crowd. Or else, you simply cannot forget about having a compatible design of your website for mobile phones and tablets. This is definitely one of the newest trends that cannot be ignored. The prediction is that soon the Internet will go mobile and if the future asks for it, a designer will have to keep up with that.

    So this is why we have decided to let you know about the latest web design trends in 2011 and the upcoming trends of a new year. If you think you can add something to this list, we’d be glad to read it! There is no particular order of the presented trends. Each trend is important and it all depends on the type of website a designer is aiming for.

  • Designers See The World Differently

    Designers See The World Differently

    Every object contains information about itself whether it is about the type of the object, the model or its cultural background (historic, ethnical etc..). Every cultural model, and respectively its object that represents the model’s properties can be analyzed from different points of view. The example of the canon as a cultural program is the most significant example because it is considered to be sacred, meaning it is illuminated by God and it is complete, meaning it covers all the existence of the canon. The first encounters with the canon show that it had different important roles in the life of humankind:

    • crystallization of the culture’s memory;
    • a source of order;
    • an ideal model for constructions;
    • a lifestyle program;

    The canon has 3 systemic levels and this is what models the structure of different points of view regarding the object.

    The systemic levels of the canon are:

    • a gathering of objects and structures that together form the cultural matter and at this level the canon determines the integrity of the material environment;
    • the conceptual consistency that includes the system of symbols and superior values, referring to the life of humankind and their material world. This level sets the ideabeing the starting point of order;
    • the language of the morphology of the socio-material world as a perfect aesthetical system. This level determines the artistic techniques that can be determined through an analysis of the material environment seen through its system of values;
    • the process of the consumers activities (let’s call it the instrumental position);
    • the orientation of values and significations of the consumer as a member of the society or any other social group (the ideological point of view);
    • the culturally-linguistic point of view;

    Of course, every object, as well as all the cultures included in it, involves all the levels described above at the same time. They are inseparable in real life and the designer acknowledges one of these levels as the starting point of a project.

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  • The Web Design Process – 3 Important Steps

    The Web Design Process – 3 Important Steps

    If I am being told to make a design of a bridge, I would have asked you numerous questions. Will it be going to span the front yard ditch, a lake or an artificial water body in an eco resort? What type of materials will be used, steel or concrete? Or simply I will have to create it by toothpicks? I am neither to discuss all these business matters at a bar nor promising something to create like the Golden gate. Rather I will be keen in knowing more about you and what is the purpose of asking me to design such abridge.

    Again if you wish me to create a sculpture for your new landscaped garden, I will probably feel more interested and comfortable because I will have much to improvise and exploit my abstract ideas.

    Now, theprocess of website designingfalls in between creating a sculptor and building a bridge. Thus while developing a client’s site; we have to take care of two aspects: aesthetic and utility. The site should be attractive, innovative in design as well as serve the purpose of the client. The clients need may be for highly ornamental one or just informative. And we have to act accordingly.

    We must adhere to the requirements of the client while developing the website. Else if we fail both out project and goodwill will diminish. We know that developing, hosting and maintenance of a website is fully technical, however the designing procedure can be based upon three elements – discovery, exploration and implementation.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About a Logo

    Everything You Need to Know About a Logo

    The Webster English dictionary defines a logo to be: An identifying statement. – Source
    statement, in turn, is defined as: the act or process of stating or presenting orally or on paper. – Source

    Now presentations on paper can be textual or may contain images. Therefore your logo can be either text based or an image or a combination of both. The importance of a logo is evident by the fact that the example sentence that Webster gives for a logo is:

    • The company’s logo is instantly recognizable all over the world.
    • The above statements should be the core criteria when you are thinking of creating a new logo for your business.

    You will be identified and recognized by your logo. It is the first thing people see about your business and in fact in some cases it is the first thing people see even before seeing your products. Therefore you must take utmost care in choosing it.

    AmazonTake the example of Amazon. They have crafted this logo very carefully.

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